Monday, August 25, 2008

A Different World

"You taught me how to love..."

But somehow, I learned how to be loved as well.

So, last night, in a fit of boredom I was forced to watch BET. Now, I have to let you know that I don't watch BET. I mean, I'm black, and I'm not the least bit entertained. Also, if you aren't a minority and watch BET you would likely think the only interests of the black race are music videos, Sunday morning gospel programs and bad made for TV movies. But, I digress...

I'm watching BET and there's "A Different World" marathon on. And as luck would have it, the series of episodes on at that moment where the ones where Whitely almost but doesn't but then does get married ones. The night before her impending nuptials to Byron, Dwayne shows up and they have this really sweet conversation. The next day, Dwayne decides not to attend to wedding...but of course you know, he shows up anyway. There's a cough, a "baby please" and an exchange of "I do's" though not between the two who were actually supposed to get married. (In case you were, I don't know living under a rock in the early 90's or, in's a link for a part of that episode on

That whole spiel there is important because of all the things I'm about to say.

Ever been that place where your heart is in two different places? I've been there. Sometimes I look around at my current surroundings and feel as if I've never left that place. So much about then is exactly the same as now. Same people...different places. Same feelings...different spaces in my heart. Same roles...but different at the same time. I've said it before, and it was as real then as it is now... If I love you then I love you. Not the type to leave one place for another place just because they have a vacancy. Its possible though, and will always be so, to have a place that can never be touched by another...and yet give your whole heart to someone else. I can understand though, if you're afraid to take that leap...there's a healthy amount of fear associated with anything that gives a great reward. But you can't be scared forever-right? Its as hard for me in this place to understand everything as it could be for you...or anyone else.

You know that talk that Whitley and Dwayne had....they each said something that I think fits here.

You taught me how to love...and you taught me how to love...

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