Friday, December 18, 2009

like a boy...

It's like this

I like a boy. I liked this boy. And then one day I discovered I might even love this boy.
But the last boy broke a soft heart and made it hard for this boy.
So I act hard so he won't think I'm soft.

Those other boys, those past boys took me to school and taught me well.
The lessons were hard...some hurt and some cut me and some made me bleed.
But those boys, those past boys taught me to dust off, get up...get back in the game.

Turns out, they didn't teach me anything I really needed to know.
Everything I need to know, it's true-I learned in kindergarten.
Except how to share. I overshare. So it's less like sharing and more like whole heart away.

My girls taught me how to be slick. be cute. be sly. taught me how to a boy.
They make sure I always keep a spare. Another boy, in case the boy I like decides he doesn't like me.

I think like a boy. I like this boy. Liked this boy. Loved this boy. Until he acted just like a boy...
Forgot that girls have hearts too.

Like most boys, this boy and his boys run round like boys, chasing skirts.
Tossing change to girls who have mastered thinking like boys.
That's a boy hustle with girl swag.

So, there's this other boy. I don't like this boy...but he likes me.
It passes the time.
This boy, like most boys, doesn't care about that boy. And then, I don't either.

I liked this boy. Could have been a wife to this boy.
But like a boy I didn't see far enough ahead.
You see, I think like a boy...but I hurt just. like. a girl...

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